Monday, February 8, 2010

Nothing But Vomit

I know what you're thinking. "Oh, it's just Cable throwing up. I'm tough, that doesn't gross me out." No. Cable had to absorb Deadpool so Deadpool's healing factor could save him from the T-O virus taking over, and Deadpool needed bodily fluids from Cable to save him from being melted by Anton Kruch's virus thing. What Cable's puking up right there? That would be liquefied Deadpool. Yummy.

That poor rat. What did it ever do to you, Dick Grayson (age 12)? This one's pretty disgusting in and of itself, but context makes it worse. Batman has locked Robin inside the Bat Cave and refused to give him anything to eat. Thus, he is forced to eat that rat that Robin killed with an axe. Would you want a 12 year old wielding an axe? I wouldn't. The panel below is after Robin eats half the raw rat and then pukes. Jim Lee treats us to a VERY close closeup of Robin's pukey mouth and hand. I'm very close to gagging right now after being forced to look at that picture for so long. I'm not sure I could ever be hungry enough to eat a raw animal. I would probably start eating the rubber off the (goddamn) Batmobile's tires before I would eat a raw, rabies infested rat.

Edit: I just saw that I had a document called "robinpuking" and I was momentarily confused, wondering when I was puking and why I had a picture of it. Then I realized the picture was of Dick Grayson, age 12 up there.

I assumed that puking in the comics was kind of rare, but I guess not that rare:

I find it interesting that the vomit is the exact same orangey/yellow colour as Robin's. Apparently they eat the same things in the DCU and the Marvel Universe. I also enjoy the sound effects. Robin goes "blaaaaarg" but I much prefer the "hh--WWOORK!" this anonymous guy is doing. He has style, although Cable's giving his all with the "BLEUURGF" in the first picture.

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