Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad Haircuts

This dude is from Birds of Prey. What is going on with his hair? He's balding except for a little thatch on top of his head. I have never seen that before, ever, on any human's head. It's like he decided to get a toupee but didn't want to commit to the whole thing so he just got a little bit of hair.

Here I present Doc Ock, wearing a haircut that hasn't been in style since Astrid Kirchherr first put a bowl on the Beatles' heads.

Turn your attention to Flash (he's the one in the letterman jacket). I can't visualize his hair on an actual person. I can't even describe it. It's like a two tone bowl cut or something. He looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. What is UP with Mark Bagley and his love of bowl cuts?

You'd think with all Joe Clone's superstrength and such, he could intimidate someone into getting him a better haircut, but no. He was genetically engineered to take over the world, but I would have a lot of trouble taking someone with that hair seriously.

When Black Canary first meets him, she says something like, "I see you're still cutting your own hair" and I laughed out loud because I thought she was going to make fun of his haircut. But she goes on to add that it looks good on him. I guess I shouldn't expect someone who regularly pulls a Lady Gaga and eschews pants to have good fashion sense.

Ultimate Spiderman was first published in 2000, so riddle me this: why is Peter Parker sporting Edward Furlong's hair from 1991?

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