Saturday, February 27, 2010


I really wish I could make this bigger so you could see the awesome melodramatic-ness of it all.
Panel 1: "You're handsome! You're normal! You're...human!
Panel 3: "That blast! The fire tanks on Byrnes' costume must've exploded!"
Panel 4: "H-he's gone...consumed by his own power...his own hatred!"

As I've stated before, I've just recently started reading the eighties run of Blue Beetle. And I'm honestly not sure what they're going for, exactly. With other comics, I know exactly what the overall tone is supposed to be. With Deadpool, for example, it's supposed to have a facade of goofiness with a dark undercurrent. Birds of Prey is supposed to be more or less an action series with comedic aspects. The newest run of Blue Beetle (with Jaime Reyes) is supposed to be a more youth-oriented action comic with points of comedy. But I don't know about this Blue Beetle. Is it making fun of over the top comics found in the Silver Age? Or is it genuinely THIS AWESOMELY CAMPY? Most of the time it's fairly normal superhero fare, and then you get parts like this, with dialogue that has never been spoken by any human, ever ("You're handsome! You're normal! You're...human! While I am only a MONSTER!"), the Blue Beetle narrating the action when he should be hauling ass out of the burning building, and then the Blue Beetle making anvilicious judgements about FIREFIST, THE INCENDIARY MAN! I mean, it's awesome, but I wish I could understand whether or not it was serious. It's much like how I feel about All-Star Batman. I hate when I can't decide whether things are parodies or not.

Here I present, from left to right:
A reject for the part of Kingpin in the Daredevil movie, a reject for the part of a Bond babe, and Ra's Al Ghul, styled by Dracula and the bride of Frankenstein.

Meanwhile, Jamie Reyes is being spied on by Trinity and a younger, thinner Morpheus, who are going to reveal to him that THERE IS NO SPOON.

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