Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sexually Suggestive

You guys, SHE'S NOT WEARING ANY PANTS. And she's totally propositioning Ted Kord. This shit's supposed to be for kids, yo.

This panel is pretty quick after the above panels, and I totally thought he was calling her "Bed Ryder" instead of "Red Ryder". I'm pretty sure I did a literal double take.

Okay, this was originally going to go into another weird boob post on the part of Black Widow, but I thought Deadpool's innuendo was more post worthy. In the preceding panel, Black Widow talks about cutting off Deadpool's head, and then I'm not sure if you can see it here but Deadpool goes "Sorry, I missed that last part. Something about head?"

Wow. I know Deadpool's not exactly for kids, but seeing such a blunt sexually suggestive remark in a comic book was really surprising. Funny, but surprising.

I talked about Daniel Way (the writer for this issue) here but what I didn't mention is his tendency to push the envelope. There's a lot more gore and suggestive remarks in his issues than in pretty much anyone else's, except for maybe Frank Tieri (he was the one who had Kane kill a scared child, and also who had Sabretooth keep a little girl in the closet for some munchies later) or Jimmy Palmiotti (he was the one who had the dog thrown through the windshield).

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