Friday, February 19, 2010

Homoeroticism in Birds of Prey

I think one troper said it best when he/she said, "Interesting hand placement, Dinah!" Also, look at their faces! Yes, I guess they're both ecstatic that Oracle is still alive, but the look on their faces is very, um, post-coital.

Here, Lady Vic (I think) was attacking Black Canary and then the BOP people decided to shove the whole thing up a notch when Black Canary tackled her to the ground. Black Canary looks like she's enjoying it. When you consider the fact that she's rebuffed the advances of Bane, Joe Clone, and that douchebag from the beginning, it really makes you wonder. Which is probably what the Birds of Prey people want.

Okay, this isn't homoeroticism. BUT ISN'T THAT THE GAYEST COWBOY YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE? I was all set to write a post about his rippling muscles, his super tight tank top with a stallion on it, his name (Stallion) and the pretty little sashes around his waist and head. Then I noticed that he was saying "We're goin' in the back door", and the jokes just wrote themselves.

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