Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Sucks Being Sue Storm

Sorry about the lag. Nanowrimo/school work has been kicking my ass. But I am back, albeit sporadically.

So J
aime gets into a fight with Guy Gardner. Guy and the Green Lanterns are heavy hitters and at this point, Jaime's not very experienced. As you can see from the "KRAKKA KRAKKA BOOM" he's giving Guy everything the scarab's got. Here's Guy's rejoinder:

Guy is ON FIRE and hitting Jaime with a pathetic "plink plinkida" and he is STILL awesome. I love that man.

I love this for several reasons. One, Ben is crying like a little girl. Two, I like Thor and Iron Man's little smiles. I bet they secretly LOVE weddings. Third, JOHNNY AND REED DON'T SEE THE NEED TO CHANGE OUT OF THEIR FF COSTUMES! Sue is all dolled up like the mid nineties bride she is, but Reed is all "fuck it, I don't feel like changing." I bet he was almost late because he was fighting Dr. Doom or something and didn't want to put on his tux. He's legit the worst husband ever.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Starfox: Sketchiest "good guy" in the Marvel universe

Hahahahaha, oh, how I love journalistic jokes! Here's an example of how screwed up journalists are. This woman is from Y the Last Man. She finds Yorick and makes him strip naked and hold a copy of her paper so she can write an article about the last man on earth and has the picture for proof. 355 and Yorick go after her to get the photos. She threatens them with a gun and I'm 90% sure she gets thrown out a window AND SHE STILL DOESN'T GIVE UP. She's supposed to be seen as insane and selfish, but I was kind of rooting for her. She has the kind of journalistic balls I wish I had.

This is the look of a guy who knows he's about to get his ass beat by the strongest woman in the Marvel universe and there is nothing he can do about it.

I always squee when Darkdevil shows up, but I can't really explain why. He's just such a blatant and unrepentant dick that he veers into self-parody. I think he's hilarious. There is NOTHING nice about him and he's so smug and over the top.