Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have an unabashed love for those characters who just love punching things: Guy Gardner, Barda, Boodikka, Luke Cage, etc. I had really no opinion on Hawkman before, but Trinity made
me love him. I am very amused by these two panels with exposition in the foreground and Hawkman beating shit up in the backgr
ound. Poor Primat. I'm pretty sure she gets taken out by him on two different occasions.

I'm fond of Iron Fist (mostly because he's associated with Luke Cage in my mind, and I LOVE Luke Cage), but he has one of the worst costumes of all time. And the dumbest power. Why can't both fists be like unto a thing of iron? (or whatever the narration boxes say every time he wields his fist.) Plas's costume is probably the worst, although Mr. Miracle's comes pretty close.

Here, Aquaman and Namor are fighting each other for the survival of their respective universes. Namor spends the whole fight being noble and stoic, while Aquaman takes the "make as many stupid jokes as possible" route. I don't know why more people don't like Aquaman, because he is both hilarious and a badass. ANYWAY, the funny part about these panels is that I read Aquaman's "I've done plenty of sighin' on Atlantis too" crack, and I was like "Aquaman, you're such an idiot" and then read on to see Namor calls him an idiot as well. It may interest you to know that Aquaman wins the fight by dropping a whale on Namor's head. I'm not so sure he would win the fight because in Incredible Hercules Namor throws like, an island at Herc's head. But this matchup isn't as maddening as the Lobo/Wolverine fight WHICH I WILL NOT GET INTO RIGHT NOW Lobo would totally win that fight, don't try to tell me any different.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This was starting out so philosophical and deep and then ended up...not.

I'm rereading Booster Gold at the moment. I read it about a year ago and have vague memories of most of the issues, except this one! Which is insane because a) Booster has a drinking contest with Jonah Hex and b) Nova's grand plan to kill the doctor who delivered Jonathan Kent's grandfather (or something) is to HAVE BUFFALO MATERIALIZE IN THE AIR AND DROP ON HIS HEAD. Brilliant.

One of these days I have to post my reasons for being deeply in love with Guy Gardner, but I will reveal one of said reasons right now: his fashion sense. His idea of badass is assless chaps and crop tops and his idea of incognito is a bright yellow pimp suit. YES.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ted had the chaps on hand

I love Cass and Tim together. I don't ship them or anything, but I think they make good friends. Also, I love Cass's costume so much. Hers is my number one favourite costume of all time. Number two is pr
obably Tim's red and black Robin costume, and three is probably Tasky's hoodie costume.

You have no idea how much I wanted Cass's series to turn into a constant Robin/Batgirl teamup. SO MUCH. Sadly, it was too awesome to last.

As a side note, I'm so in love with this art I want to marry it. As another side note, Tim looks disturbingly like Damian here, and then I thought, HOW AWESOME WOULD A CASS/DAMIAN TEAMUP BE? As far as I know this hasn't happened yet, probably because it would end in lots of bloodshed, as those two need a calming influence with them.


I love this a lot, because General Glory's sidekick looks exactly like Bucky with a really bad bowl cut. Seeing as how General Glory is basically Captain America, I assume this was intentional
. Guy also modelled his haircut after this sidekick's which we can all agree was a SUPREMELY MISGUIDED MOVE.

I thought this was a sweet moment between the two. They don't have enough interaction for my taste. Also, I'm lovin' Guy's hair here. I wish I had a full body shot of his new costume because it is AMAZING. Two words: Assless. Chaps. Also, Ted Kord picked it out or possibly made/bought/had it made for him.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disco Fever

Look at Tim's arm compared to Kon's! I know Kon's supposed to be Superman's clone but GEEZ, I'm pretty sure Tim gets an ample amount of exercise. His arm is skinner than mine and I have NO muscle tone.

I adore Power Man and Iron Fist, mostly for the camp factor. So imagine how excited I was to see them team up with Dazzler, who instantly adds camp to any comic she's in! What I love most about this, though, is her disbelief: "Somehow I managed to win a fight with three mutants! I mean, I sure don't fucking know how THAT happened, seeing as how my power is to turn sound waves into light waves or some shit. I'm just here to disco."

Moving on: In general, Etrigan's rhymes are hit or miss: either the writers can do his dialogue without narm, or they can't. In Brave and the Bold, I thought JMS did a pretty good job. Except for the following, which I'm not sure is the best or worst of Etrigan's rhymes I've seen:

I'm leaning towards best. Elegant in its simplicity.