Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disco Fever

Look at Tim's arm compared to Kon's! I know Kon's supposed to be Superman's clone but GEEZ, I'm pretty sure Tim gets an ample amount of exercise. His arm is skinner than mine and I have NO muscle tone.

I adore Power Man and Iron Fist, mostly for the camp factor. So imagine how excited I was to see them team up with Dazzler, who instantly adds camp to any comic she's in! What I love most about this, though, is her disbelief: "Somehow I managed to win a fight with three mutants! I mean, I sure don't fucking know how THAT happened, seeing as how my power is to turn sound waves into light waves or some shit. I'm just here to disco."

Moving on: In general, Etrigan's rhymes are hit or miss: either the writers can do his dialogue without narm, or they can't. In Brave and the Bold, I thought JMS did a pretty good job. Except for the following, which I'm not sure is the best or worst of Etrigan's rhymes I've seen:

I'm leaning towards best. Elegant in its simplicity.

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