Sunday, March 27, 2011


You all need to be reading Formerly Known As the Justice League and its sequel I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League. If it doesn't switch you to the DCU for life, absolutely nothing will (except maybe Blue Beetle).

More funny panels will be coming later, but I want to focus on the most depressing aspect of the series:

(Ralph mistakenly thinks that Sue is pregnant).

I hated the art when I first saw it, but it's kind of growing on me. The faces are so expressive. Just look at Ralph's goofy smile in panel 2.

Ralph and Sue are seen as one of the best couples in comicdom. They're really cute together and they actually love each other. All their interactions in this series are great, but unfortunately in the back of my mind, all I could think was...

Not only does Sue end up dying, but she ends up being burned to death, which could not have been an easy death. Is there anything more soul crushingly depressing than the formerly jaunty Ralph wailing in the rain while clutching the burned husk of his wife?

Oh, and here's what makes it WORSE: in the first set of panels, Ralph is delighted at the idea of becoming a father. It's later revealed that Sue had become pregnant right before her death. COME ON, DC!

Also sad: I LOVE Max Lord in FKATJL. He's kind of a fussy, manipulative jerk, but also really funny (and I'm pretty sure he has a cute crush on Sue). But I couldn't completely enjoy him because I know that someday he will go crazy, shoot Ted in the head, and then have his neck snapped by Wonder Woman. DC: WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE.

Poor G'nort. All he wants is to pee!

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  1. My first time reading those, I also thought "hmm, this looks weird". It got me in that scene where Fire and Mary Marvel are prisoners, and she is whistling while Fire looks very annoyed. Maguire is very good at character acting.

    I hope the new JLI series makes some room for comedy.