Saturday, March 26, 2011

That slash is in the title for a few reasons

I recently watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and it got me back into Superman/Batman. I haven't read the series for awhile because it stopped making much sense after Jeph Loeb left, but it's getting (somewhat) better, due in no small part to the first annual issue, written by Joe Kelly. I believe it's a reimagining of an older story, so it's in a different timeline than the rest of the series. Hence, why Clark and Bruce don't know each other.

I don't remember much of the background because I was too enthralled with the blatant homoeroticism, but Lois and Clark are on a cruise to do some kind of story for the Daily Planet and Bruce is also there to do his womanizing playboy thing (more than any other chara
cter, it is SO WEIRD to see him without his costume. I think in part because his superhero personality and civilian personality are so different).

The whole thing reads like a romantic comedy. I'm not even kidding. It's not just a little
homoerotic and you can kind of see it if you're trying to see it. It's BLATANT. Clark and Bruce first start arguing when checking in, and then quickly realize that someone screwed up their reservations.

I'm not kidding. They have to share a room. Not like I've seen that in a billion teen shows and romantic comedies or anything. Lois is amused. I'm fairly sure they're dating or married at this point, so why she won't let him share her room, I honestly have no idea.

But it gets better.

Yes. They have to share a bed. And it looks like a twin or something. I absolutely love that Clark left his glasses on to sleep. This is the peril of not having a well thought out disguise: when the only thing separating you from Superman is a curl and glasses, what happens when you have to lose both of them?

Deadpool NotDeathstroke knows what's up.

You might ask, how can this get gayer than two men with a history of homoerotic subtext being forced to sleep in the same bed? Well...

Yes. Clark undressed Bruce. And not just with his eyes, like he usually does.

Joe Kelly=a national treasure.

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