Sunday, March 6, 2011

I also like his flip flops

I didn't love the direction this writer (can't remember who it was) took with the Cass/Connor relationship, but at its beginnings I thought it was adorable (minus Kon's RIDICULOUS costume). I also thought the portrayal of Cass was well done and realistic. She's never been able to be a normal kid, and so she never really developed the social skills that everyone else had. Her confusion about her feelings for the dude whose name I can't remember and Kon was very real and very in character. The thing I like the most about Cass's series (other than that she's a total BAMF) is her quest to overcome her upbringing and be a good and normal person.

Side note: as a whole, I don't think this art was very popular. I didn't mind it though: I like the sharpness of it. It's very angular, and in closeups of Cass she looked so cute. If one thing's off, it's the colouring: it looks like the pages have been left out in the sun for awhile.

I love how fucking distressed this dude looks. He fucked with the WRONG GL. Also amusing: even on vacation, Guy's still a Green Lantern.

Kingpin has never been my favourite Marvel villain (Dr. Doom forever!) but he was awesome in this issue of Spider-Man/Batman. He played R'as al Ghul so hard that dude didn't know what hit him. Plus, his relationship with his wife is very sweet. I still don't understand his deal though. Like, he's not a mutant. Is he just naturally ginormous? In Ultimate Spider-Man, he appeared to be roughly 15 feet tall. His fingers are each like the width of his wife's arm.

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