Friday, February 25, 2011

Peej and Wondy: Best teamup ever

No kidding he wasn't the best choice. He went to save everyone in the hospital and got shot IMMEDIATELY. The fate of the world is at stake here: couldn't you at least send Superman
or something?

Look at the death look. Make fun of Booster at your peril, Magog!

I loved this teamup a lot. Wonder Woman is calm, methodical, and patient. Peej just wants to get out there and punch someone in the face.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Batman called Jay "sir"

As my sister said, "Wolverine has to be the brains of the outfit. They're in trouble."

I haven't gone into my Robert Kirkman rant (in short: there's something about his original work that just seems off to me; the characters don't seem real) but Marvel Teamup is nonstop fun from beginning to end. I loved it so much I read the 25 issues in two days. Around the beginning of the Freedom Ring arc it was kind of less of a teamup and more "random slacker guy gets random powers" but it was still a good arc. His Spider-Man was a lot of fun, as well as his Wolverine and Nick Fury.

Aw yeah, Jay Garrick, the best mother effin Golden Age hero! His teamup with Batman was AWESOME. It mostly consisted of Jay ordering Batman around and saving the day while Batman just punched people. I love his little hat and his optimistic attitude and his grace in getting older.

This is the best throwaway line ever. Worst. Assignment. Ever. Or maybe the best?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love Lobo's look of complete surprise. ALSO I'm pretty sure making Kara wear the biker gear was a fanservice thing. She started wearing the jacket to hide her identity, but she kept the jacket open pretty much the whole time, and she's not exactly hiding the Superman symbol here, either.

Also, the glasses make her look like John Lennon.

I loved this issue of Spider-Girl SOLELY because May finally got over her stupid crush on resident dbag Franklin Richards.

Is it just me or his chest WAY bigger than it should be?

I'm not going to get into a whole diatribe about what an idiot this guy is, but there are a couple of things I wanted to mention.
1. The homosexuality he is referring to is Felicia Hardy and her girlfriend. Larry makes it seem like it was somehow explicit, but it's really not. It took me forever to even notice that the woman with Felicia was her girlfriend.
2. I do find the reply here to be kind of missing the point. Comparing a same-sex relationship to the relationship you have with your same-sex parent is creepy and also irrelevant. It's not the same thing at all. I do appreciate that they were respectful and gracious in their reply.
3. I find that homosexuality in comic books is portrayed a lot better than in other media. Homosexuality is something that shouldn't stand out - it should just be seen as normal. A lot of other media (TV and movies primarily) make a big deal if they have gay characters, but comic books just have them interacting normally with others and each other.

This seems like a good segue into my Young Avengers story. While reading it, I kept noticing that the letters were always like "Hulkling and Wiccan are gay, right?" and I was always like, "I don't see it..." and then it turned out they were. I recently reread Young Avengers and it's so obvious in hindsight. The moral: my gaydar doesn't work on fictional characters.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1. I love that Catwoman is so excited to be working with Supes, I love her when she's all happy and funny, as opposed to dark and femme fatale-ish (although I don't m
ind that either).

2. How awesome is her outfit? DC has finally realized that what a woman needs when she is frequently engaged in physical combat is not fishnets or cleavage bearing shirts (cough CANARY cough, I love you but that outfit has got to go), but sturdy boots and an ensemble
that covers everything! I'm not required to suspend disbelief when I look at her: I really believe that this is a good choice for being a cat burglar.

3. I highly recommend Brave and the Bold. Guys, Supergirl teams up with Lobo! And later Aquaman teams up with Etrigan. Granted, I like Jason Blood more than Etrigan, but whatever, he speaks in poetry so I'm down with that.

Okay Dick, I see that you're having a case of selective memory loss. Apparently you've forgotten that:
A) You were like 10 when you started working with Batman, so you can't really throw stones in this situation.
B) You're training a 10 year old psychopath, which is a recipe for disaster if I've ever heard one. Also, in this situation, said 10 year old psychopath attacked a dude before realizing that this would cause a building to blow up. This sounds like recklessness to me.
C) Before Steph was the new Batgirl, she was Robin. And before she was Robin, she was Spoiler. I think she's pretty much earned your trust.

While I find this hilarious, it is also an extremely unsatisfying conclusion to my ship. I guess it's back to shipping Herc and Namora. And Shulkie and Aquaman, even though that will never happen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've always wanted to say that

I...can't say the same there, Dick.

My favourite part of this is the stoic security redshirt guy, who has ALSO wanted to say "Head 'em up, move 'em out."

I love La Dama's character. She's a badass crime lord...but she also genuinely loves Brenda and has her geeky little moments, like here. I was really disappointed with her depiction in the Brave and the Bold (an otherwise excellent title). She was boring and useless. Kind of like what Fabian Nicieza did to Outlaw in Cable and Deadpool.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

She's not a sole survivor...Supes is still alive

So in this issue, Supes and Catwoman go to an auction to get a map they think leads t
o the Batcave. Catwoman gives him a disguise, which is basically "Clark Kent" and then they get found out. So here's my question: Since Clark Kent is a fairly well known reporter, doesn't it completely blow his secret identity to go to the auction as Clark Kent and then reveal that he's Superman? I mean, look at that first panel: THEY ARE LOOKING AT HIS ACTUAL FACE. Why are they not going, "Hey, look, this dude's Superman! Anyone recognize him?"

The Supergirl/Lobo teamup was my favourite of all time, and this moment was so unbelievably sweet. Here's the thing though: it is so so so out of character for Lobo, especially when you consider that in the SAME YEAR (2007) Lobo fought the Titans and he grabbed Supergirl by her face and chucked her practically into orbit. Here's the other thing: I don't really give a crap. I love Lobo without reservation, and I love heartwarming moments. Put the two together, and awesomeness results. Look, I just have a thing for assholes who are secretly nice, all right? It's why I read everything with Guy Gardner in it.

Oh Jaime...I didn't realize how much I missed you until your appearance in Brave and the B

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kara and Lobo need their own series, stat

This dinosaur woman was, no joke, so horny that she couldn't wait half an hour for her bf to come back from outer space. Words cannot describe how amused I am that she kept her babuschka on.

Lobo and Supergirl. THIS IS WONDERFUL. They have a very sweet moment later that I will probably highlight tomorrow.

What the hell are you wearing, Ollie? This is your first date with Dinah in years, and you decide to go full on pirate? Is it not enough to have the stupid beard?

Again with the innuendos, Kevin Smith.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bye bye, Bats

What I love about this:
1. Superman's kind of confused expression.
2. Kyle's "Oh, Guy...
" facepalm.
3. Batman's analytical "hnn"
4. JOHN'S EXPRESSION OF ABSOLUTE HORROR. You'd think that Cthulhu's tentacles had just emerged from Guy's ass.

This is why Guy's the best GL of all time: he has the balls to moon Batman AND HE WILL DO SO IN SPACE.

Chase is proof that you don't need powers to be a superhero.
Also amusing: the "snik" noise his knife makes. I guess "snikt" is trademarked by Wolverine.

That pantsless suit is so attractive.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Marvel 1602 is a pretty good idea

This is all from one mini series, possibly just one issue. Necks get a workout in the DCU.

...why is Alfred wearing a hunting cap?

What's more awesome than Nick Fury as a spy/badass? NICK FURY AS A KNIGHT/BADASS.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wow, Booster. That is...some hair you've got there.

There's just something so charming about this panel. Poor C-list'll never get the respect that you so crave.

THE LITTLE CHIBI VILLAINS ARE SO CUTE! Catwoman (unfortunately not pictured) was the cutest, but I also love Mr. Freeze there (his gun shoots ice cream) but of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention little Lex riding on adorable/ugly Doomsday.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

All Batman, all the time

Poor Cap doesn't know how to deal with Batman...the goddamn Batman doesn't take orders from anyone, even though he agreed Cap should be the leader of the two teams.

I'm guessing Oracle might be the only person who can successfully intimidate Batman, and this guy's gone up against Darkseid. On a related note, this art is HORRENDOUS.


He's watching someone who may or may not be Cass killing a man. Now, we can all agree that murder is bad, but I still don't know why this surprised him so much. Cass was raised to be an assassin BY an assassin. Bats is dreaming if he thinks she didn't get some practical education in.

I'm pretty sure that every Christmas Alfred goes out and buys a whole bunch of Batman merchandise and gives it to the bat family as gifts.

You can't really see it in these panels, so I'll explain. Plas is trying to get his ex's kid out of a gang, and then it's gradually revealed that it's his son. Plas knew it all along but freaked out and left. Bats says, "Of all of us, even Clark, I always thought you would make the best father." Plas denies this and starts talking in a self-deprecating manner. Bats then replies, "Because I thought you would be the kind of father who would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. I thought you would make them laugh all of the time."

All together now: "Awwwww." I'm not a huge Batman fan (I know, I know: SACRILEGE) but my favourite aspect of his personality is that he always believes in the least-respected members of the JLA, even when they don't believe in themselves. First it's Booster Gold, then it's Plas.

Friday, February 4, 2011

He could have just lifted the whale off him

Fond as I am of Aquaman, I'm beginning to believe that he couldn't beat Namor in a fight.

Much like the two men who use fiddles to blow things up, I find it hard to believe that there are two people who have squirrels as pets.

But this guy is no Squirrel Girl.

You should know this Spidey - Batman doesn't joke.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Y: The Last Man was otherwise pretty flawless though

The Shulkster's second fastball special! I guess this means she's stronger than Herc, making her probably the third strongest hero in the MU, after the Hulk and the Thing. She's awesome.

You have to use the fastball special wisely though. The consequences can be dire.

Out of all the stupid horror movie tropes, this is probably the stupidest. If you're talking to someone and they look at some point over your shoulder and go "don't hurt her" would you A) act confused and ask what's going on, or B) LOOK BEHIND YOU? Come on, Allison, you're smarter than that.

For a split second when I read this, I thought Dick was just being a dick to Damian. Like, "Yeah? Well YOUR MOM'S paramedics are here." Then I realized that, yes, Talia probably did instantaneously hear about her son's injuries and send her own paramedics.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guy only says he's the best because it's true

This is random, but I LOVE how Guy is always the main Lantern they use on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Hal gets way too much exposure, I think.

Kilowog's kids are the most adorable things I have ever seen. Especially the little girl.

There's just something so cute about the Hulk carrying around pet coyotes. Also, this was probably the most depressing issue of anything I've ever read. I'm including Deadpool putting Al in the room with knives everywhere, any issue of Booster Gold that involves all the heroes dying, and the issue of Green Lantern that was basically just Kyle and alternate reality Alex talking about how the other one was dead in their respective universes.

The fastball special never gets old. I also love how every time anyone uses it, they put a different spin on it. Here and in She-Hulk (Shulkie's used it twice, now that I think about it) it's the woman throwing the man and in Runaways it's the (superpowered) 11 year old girl throwing the teenage guy.