Saturday, March 20, 2010

All together now: awwwwwwwwwww

When people think "comic books" they don't generally think of them as particularly heartwarming. But a surprising number of comics give the warm fuzzies.

This takes place after Booster goes back in time to save Ted Kord from death, and then Ted realizes he has to die to make the timeline normal again, and dies all over again. Booster gives up on his mission and snaps at the JLA and everyone who likes him. Batman decides to take things into his own hands and give Booster a pep talk and then offers to be there for him, even though he's not Ted. Who knew Batman had empathy for others? I halfway thought Batman didn't even have any emotions. It was probably the second sweetest (and best) thing anyone had ever done for Booster, the first being when Rip brought Michelle back from the dead. I particularly like the extra touch of having Batman's sympathetic face reflected in Booster's goggles.

Booster and Beetle's narration about each other sometimes seems like it should be narmy (especially when it gets on the homoerotic side) but it still works, because it's so sweet! "I barely know him [the future Blue Beetle] and yet I owe him everything. Because my best friend is back."

This is after Deadpool and the Avengers and Fantastic Four and others fight the Carnage dinos, and Deadpool finally realizes what it is to be a hero. The panels are a throwback to the opening of Cable/Deadpool showing just how far Deadpool has come from the lonely and bitter bastard we started out with. Now he has friends and he's learned how to be a friend. The fact that they're watching Golden Girls is, of course, a shout out to Deadpool's well-known love of Bea Arthur. And the TV going "thank you for being a friend" is a great shout out to Deadpool finally being a friend to people. It's the perfect ending to a fantastic comic.


  1. Immediately following the best ending to an amazing comic, the new story arc throws out most of Deadpool's supporting cast, relegating them to cameos. Deadpool's greatest character interaction moment is him kissing Black Widow II (also, Taskmaster appears).


  2. I didn't like the thing with Black Widow. My favourite part of his second ongoing was when he semi-bonded with that dude after he killed the pizza boy.