Sunday, March 14, 2010


You can't really see it here, but R'as is trying to get Canary to marry him by saying something like, "Don't you want to spend eternity at the side of a demon?" Um, yeah, probably not the best pickup line, R'as.

This guy is quite possibly the best villain ever created in either the DC or Marvel universe. I thought no one could replace Dr. Bong or FIREFIST, THE INCENDIARY MAN in my heart, but I think the Condiment King has.

Does he have salt and pepper shakers attached to his head? I guess the better question is, WHEN CAN I MARRY HIM?

This picture just tickles me to no end. Mr. Suit Man, Dr. Strange Cape Man, Batman, and the Iron Man clone in the front are all implacable and stoic. Guy Gardner just looks really angry about something (possibly his abnormal haircut). The weird collar guy on the right looks a little shifty. And then Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are just so happy! They are so stoked to be in the JLA and to fight crime. It's like they think they're in the Silver Age and the rest think they're in the Dark Age.


  1. Um... the 'Iron Man clone' is actually Dr.Fate, the DCU counterpart to Dr. Strange. Suit Man is Maxwell Lord and Cape Dude is Mr.Miracle. You should read up on these things if you're commenting on a JLA group photo.

  2. Or since this is an unofficial blog that no one reads...I could just do what I want.