Monday, March 22, 2010

Crossing The Line

Here's something else I learned about comics since I started reading them in depth: no matter what you've heard, they are not for children. Or at least Deadpool isn't.

This is the aftermath of these guys going back in time to shoot a baby in its crib. Different people in Booster Gold mention going back in time to kill key characters while they are children, but I didn't think they'd actually SHOW IT.

Sabretooth keeps dead people in his closet. No big D.
And not only does he keep adults but:

He also keeps a little girl for dessert. Ugh. I hate him more than T-Ray.

Deadpool gets to show a soft side he rarely gets to express during Tieri's run and helps a young child power down by telling Yo Momma jokes (his go-to in every situation, it would seem) and then the fuzzy moment is destroyed when Kane kills the kid. I thought in fiction children were supposed to have character shield, but I guess not. You know what else doesn't?

Dogs. First, they showed one of those evil twins planning on doing something unknown with the dog. Then it showed the dog being thrown. Then it showed this panel. Here was my thought process while reading this:
"She's not going to hurt the dog, is she? They wouldn't do that."
"Nah, the dogs never die."
"Okay, if the dog gets hurt, they wouldn't show it, would they?"
"Is she throwing that dog at the windshield? They're not going to show that, are they?"
"They definitely just showed a dog smashing through a windshield."
"Fuck you, Jimmy Palmiotti."
A small mercy here is that they didn't show any blood. Thanks for at least giving me that, Palmiotti.

Although, I...not enjoy - I don't generally enjoy dogs getting hurt - but I am kind of amused by its facial expression. It's less "horror stricken at its impending death" so much as a little disgruntled. He just looks kind of annoyed at this interruption of his walk.

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