Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For some reason, I just love Taskmaster. I was first exposed to him in early Deadpool, when he was defeated because Deadpool started dancing. He was a pretty goofy villain then, but he has somewhat evolved into an antihero in later writing (with Gail Simone's writing on Deadpool and Agent X). I like his dynamic with Deadpool: they're both amoral mercenaries, but Tasky does it with style and sophistication, whereas Deadpool is just a moron. Tasky doesn't particularly like Deadpool, but he still helps him out on occasion for unknown reasons.

And holy fucking shit, look how buff he is. I like his other design better, with the hoodie, but he just looks so COOL here. Even with the weird t-shirt and cape/hood thingie. And speaking of buff:

WOW. That is not physically possible. His arms are probably wider than my waist. Here's another ponytail wearer that I forgot. I'm a little weirded out by that vein thing on his arm. And speaking of things that aren't physically possible...

Those boobs must be made of stone. They're like, what, double H? And they are apparently immovable.

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