Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Worst (Best?) of Booster's Villains

Look at this guy. The hands of the clock on his head is bad enough, but LOOK AT THOSE TIGHTS. I don't understand the reasoning behind this outfit. The spandex, underwear, cape, and gloves are de rigeur, but then what happened? "You know what would look good with this outfit? Some black and white striped tights." And is his skin actually that colour, or does he paint it before he starts doing crime? At least Booster acknowledges that Chronos has the worst outfit ever.

Yes, you are looking at a caterpillar inside a plastic ball. For some reason, this villain has given Booster trouble on more than one occasion. I think Ted stomps him later on.

I love the dedication to theme that the Royal Flush Gang has that the one would fashion his appearance around that of a king on a deck of cards. It takes balls to maintain the pageboy haircut.

I have no idea who this villain is but he's freaking me out a little. He looks like an alien Chucky.

This was actually one of the scarier villains that Booster has faced, but that doesn't detract from the fact that someone invented a villain that is a scenery chewing starfish that sticks to your face.

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