Saturday, February 5, 2011

All Batman, all the time

Poor Cap doesn't know how to deal with Batman...the goddamn Batman doesn't take orders from anyone, even though he agreed Cap should be the leader of the two teams.

I'm guessing Oracle might be the only person who can successfully intimidate Batman, and this guy's gone up against Darkseid. On a related note, this art is HORRENDOUS.


He's watching someone who may or may not be Cass killing a man. Now, we can all agree that murder is bad, but I still don't know why this surprised him so much. Cass was raised to be an assassin BY an assassin. Bats is dreaming if he thinks she didn't get some practical education in.

I'm pretty sure that every Christmas Alfred goes out and buys a whole bunch of Batman merchandise and gives it to the bat family as gifts.

You can't really see it in these panels, so I'll explain. Plas is trying to get his ex's kid out of a gang, and then it's gradually revealed that it's his son. Plas knew it all along but freaked out and left. Bats says, "Of all of us, even Clark, I always thought you would make the best father." Plas denies this and starts talking in a self-deprecating manner. Bats then replies, "Because I thought you would be the kind of father who would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. I thought you would make them laugh all of the time."

All together now: "Awwwww." I'm not a huge Batman fan (I know, I know: SACRILEGE) but my favourite aspect of his personality is that he always believes in the least-respected members of the JLA, even when they don't believe in themselves. First it's Booster Gold, then it's Plas.

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