Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guy only says he's the best because it's true

This is random, but I LOVE how Guy is always the main Lantern they use on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Hal gets way too much exposure, I think.

Kilowog's kids are the most adorable things I have ever seen. Especially the little girl.

There's just something so cute about the Hulk carrying around pet coyotes. Also, this was probably the most depressing issue of anything I've ever read. I'm including Deadpool putting Al in the room with knives everywhere, any issue of Booster Gold that involves all the heroes dying, and the issue of Green Lantern that was basically just Kyle and alternate reality Alex talking about how the other one was dead in their respective universes.

The fastball special never gets old. I also love how every time anyone uses it, they put a different spin on it. Here and in She-Hulk (Shulkie's used it twice, now that I think about it) it's the woman throwing the man and in Runaways it's the (superpowered) 11 year old girl throwing the teenage guy.

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