Saturday, February 12, 2011

She's not a sole survivor...Supes is still alive

So in this issue, Supes and Catwoman go to an auction to get a map they think leads t
o the Batcave. Catwoman gives him a disguise, which is basically "Clark Kent" and then they get found out. So here's my question: Since Clark Kent is a fairly well known reporter, doesn't it completely blow his secret identity to go to the auction as Clark Kent and then reveal that he's Superman? I mean, look at that first panel: THEY ARE LOOKING AT HIS ACTUAL FACE. Why are they not going, "Hey, look, this dude's Superman! Anyone recognize him?"

The Supergirl/Lobo teamup was my favourite of all time, and this moment was so unbelievably sweet. Here's the thing though: it is so so so out of character for Lobo, especially when you consider that in the SAME YEAR (2007) Lobo fought the Titans and he grabbed Supergirl by her face and chucked her practically into orbit. Here's the other thing: I don't really give a crap. I love Lobo without reservation, and I love heartwarming moments. Put the two together, and awesomeness results. Look, I just have a thing for assholes who are secretly nice, all right? It's why I read everything with Guy Gardner in it.

Oh Jaime...I didn't realize how much I missed you until your appearance in Brave and the B

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