Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Batman called Jay "sir"

As my sister said, "Wolverine has to be the brains of the outfit. They're in trouble."

I haven't gone into my Robert Kirkman rant (in short: there's something about his original work that just seems off to me; the characters don't seem real) but Marvel Teamup is nonstop fun from beginning to end. I loved it so much I read the 25 issues in two days. Around the beginning of the Freedom Ring arc it was kind of less of a teamup and more "random slacker guy gets random powers" but it was still a good arc. His Spider-Man was a lot of fun, as well as his Wolverine and Nick Fury.

Aw yeah, Jay Garrick, the best mother effin Golden Age hero! His teamup with Batman was AWESOME. It mostly consisted of Jay ordering Batman around and saving the day while Batman just punched people. I love his little hat and his optimistic attitude and his grace in getting older.

This is the best throwaway line ever. Worst. Assignment. Ever. Or maybe the best?

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