Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1. I love that Catwoman is so excited to be working with Supes, I love her when she's all happy and funny, as opposed to dark and femme fatale-ish (although I don't m
ind that either).

2. How awesome is her outfit? DC has finally realized that what a woman needs when she is frequently engaged in physical combat is not fishnets or cleavage bearing shirts (cough CANARY cough, I love you but that outfit has got to go), but sturdy boots and an ensemble
that covers everything! I'm not required to suspend disbelief when I look at her: I really believe that this is a good choice for being a cat burglar.

3. I highly recommend Brave and the Bold. Guys, Supergirl teams up with Lobo! And later Aquaman teams up with Etrigan. Granted, I like Jason Blood more than Etrigan, but whatever, he speaks in poetry so I'm down with that.

Okay Dick, I see that you're having a case of selective memory loss. Apparently you've forgotten that:
A) You were like 10 when you started working with Batman, so you can't really throw stones in this situation.
B) You're training a 10 year old psychopath, which is a recipe for disaster if I've ever heard one. Also, in this situation, said 10 year old psychopath attacked a dude before realizing that this would cause a building to blow up. This sounds like recklessness to me.
C) Before Steph was the new Batgirl, she was Robin. And before she was Robin, she was Spoiler. I think she's pretty much earned your trust.

While I find this hilarious, it is also an extremely unsatisfying conclusion to my ship. I guess it's back to shipping Herc and Namora. And Shulkie and Aquaman, even though that will never happen.

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