Monday, January 31, 2011

I still hate Guy's hair though

I cannot express to you my excitement when I saw this panel. Guy Gardner is a hilarious asshole. Lobo is a hilarious asshole. TOGETHER, THEY HAVE DOUBLE THE HIL
ARITY. I have a deep, occasionally irrational love for each of these characters and my heart burst with joy at the prospect of them together. They kind of mentioned in passing something about Lobo and Guy teaming up WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME AND I NEED TO FIND THIS COMIC LIKE, YESTERDAY.

Spidey is so out of his league here. He may be A list in the Marvel universe, but he's no match for the DCU.

Nick Charles!

This is from Plastic Man v4. The comic took a little getting used to at first: it's very unrealistic and cartoony (to match the Tex Avery-esque art) but I think I like it. Sometimes it seems very child-like and Looney Tunes humour, and then Kyle Baker will throw in a sexual innuendo. It's very jarring sometimes. I prefer Plastic Man's wackiness with some serious moments thrown in, whereas vol. 4 is all wackiness, all the time.

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