Monday, March 14, 2011

Damian replaces Tim as my fave Robin.

There's something you never want to see in your lifetime.
Protip: Never accept help from Shiva. It won't turn out well.

Wonder Woman is always so morally upright and honourable, you never expect her to fight dirty. I believe she's fighting Hercules though, and he always brings out the worst in her.

Oh man, I love these two together. Can they have their own teamup comic please? Steph is great in her own comic but the issues where Damian and Steph worked together were my fave. And Damian in his own comic (Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison) was very underwhelming. They need to be together.

As a whole, I find the women in DC to be way more kickass and memorable than the Marvel ones. The only Marvel female-centric series I read are She-Hulk, Spider-Girl, and the Pulse (but when not in her own series, Jessica always takes a backseat, so much so that my brother assumed she was always a one dimensional character who only existed to be Luke's wife). I'm not sure there are even many others. In the DCU, however, I'm a fan of Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Power Girl, and two different series of Batgirl. Come on Marvel. Get your act together.

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  1. Not just to be Luke's wife, but to shit on Spider Man's head for the billionth time. I thought she was brought in just so we could learn she had a crush on Peter Parker in high school but couldn't act on it before Peter got his powers, thus denying Spider Man another chance to be happily in love.