Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have an unabashed love for those characters who just love punching things: Guy Gardner, Barda, Boodikka, Luke Cage, etc. I had really no opinion on Hawkman before, but Trinity made
me love him. I am very amused by these two panels with exposition in the foreground and Hawkman beating shit up in the backgr
ound. Poor Primat. I'm pretty sure she gets taken out by him on two different occasions.

I'm fond of Iron Fist (mostly because he's associated with Luke Cage in my mind, and I LOVE Luke Cage), but he has one of the worst costumes of all time. And the dumbest power. Why can't both fists be like unto a thing of iron? (or whatever the narration boxes say every time he wields his fist.) Plas's costume is probably the worst, although Mr. Miracle's comes pretty close.

Here, Aquaman and Namor are fighting each other for the survival of their respective universes. Namor spends the whole fight being noble and stoic, while Aquaman takes the "make as many stupid jokes as possible" route. I don't know why more people don't like Aquaman, because he is both hilarious and a badass. ANYWAY, the funny part about these panels is that I read Aquaman's "I've done plenty of sighin' on Atlantis too" crack, and I was like "Aquaman, you're such an idiot" and then read on to see Namor calls him an idiot as well. It may interest you to know that Aquaman wins the fight by dropping a whale on Namor's head. I'm not so sure he would win the fight because in Incredible Hercules Namor throws like, an island at Herc's head. But this matchup isn't as maddening as the Lobo/Wolverine fight WHICH I WILL NOT GET INTO RIGHT NOW Lobo would totally win that fight, don't try to tell me any different.

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