Monday, June 6, 2011

Ted had the chaps on hand

I love Cass and Tim together. I don't ship them or anything, but I think they make good friends. Also, I love Cass's costume so much. Hers is my number one favourite costume of all time. Number two is pr
obably Tim's red and black Robin costume, and three is probably Tasky's hoodie costume.

You have no idea how much I wanted Cass's series to turn into a constant Robin/Batgirl teamup. SO MUCH. Sadly, it was too awesome to last.

As a side note, I'm so in love with this art I want to marry it. As another side note, Tim looks disturbingly like Damian here, and then I thought, HOW AWESOME WOULD A CASS/DAMIAN TEAMUP BE? As far as I know this hasn't happened yet, probably because it would end in lots of bloodshed, as those two need a calming influence with them.


I love this a lot, because General Glory's sidekick looks exactly like Bucky with a really bad bowl cut. Seeing as how General Glory is basically Captain America, I assume this was intentional
. Guy also modelled his haircut after this sidekick's which we can all agree was a SUPREMELY MISGUIDED MOVE.

I thought this was a sweet moment between the two. They don't have enough interaction for my taste. Also, I'm lovin' Guy's hair here. I wish I had a full body shot of his new costume because it is AMAZING. Two words: Assless. Chaps. Also, Ted Kord picked it out or possibly made/bought/had it made for him.

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