Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm attempting to find some sort of theme in each post, but I can bet that I'll run out soon. Today though, I'm presenting some pretty friggin' scary panels.

Here I present Superman, as drawn by Jim Lee in All-Star Batman and Robin. Look at that face! There is no pity or mercy in those eyes. The red is just remnants from his laser vision and not evidence of his recent transformation into a cyborg, but even knowing why his eyes are red doesn't make this any less frightening. I mean, look at that panel above compared to this:

Next time I read All-Star Batman I think I'll make up my own plotline in which the Terminator is disguising itself as Superman to win the hearts of everyone in the DCU before it goes on a horrible, horrible killing spree. However, being confronted with a milk carton featuring a photo of the missing Dick Grayson, age 12 (and how long has it been since milk cartons featured missing children, anyway?) is too much and he loses his control.

Also: look at that muscly neck! Perhaps Superman/Terminator spent some time in the mines featured in Brutal Legend, until Eddie freed him and he learned about the awesome power of metal. I'll imagine anything to keep from stabbing myself in the eye if I ever decide to read ASBAR again.

This is from the excellent Birds of Prey, and it's from a nightmare that Oracle OH HELL PLEASE JUST MAKE IT STOP

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