Sunday, February 28, 2010

R'as Al Ghul

Old R'as looks like such a douchebag here. Is he giving Canary the thumbs up underwater? He's trying to pull off Nick Fury's distinguished "greying at the temples" look, but dude, no one does it better than Nick Fury. This is what that magnificent specimen of manhood looks like:

You're no Nick Fury, R'as.

Ew. Nice legs, R'as. Put away the short shorts and put on some pants like a man.

Also, this whole Birds of Prey plotline is so weird because Talia is slithering around the yacht, half dressed, and is bonding with her father's new paramour. It's all very Oedipal. Or whatever the female equivalent of the Oedipal complex is. I'm sure there's a name that I'm not recalling right now.

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