Monday, February 22, 2010

I enjoy these panels

Pete Woods is my favourite comic artist, and here is a perfect example why. Check out the Great Lakes AvengersLightning Rods here. So colourful! So cartoony! I'm a fan of comics art that leans toward the cartoony as opposed to the more realistic (like most of Jim Lee's work, even though it is undeniably stunning). And Woods' work on the Deadpool special where Deadpool and Al go back in time is great and really fits with the more silly and cartoony feel of the issue. If it was, say, Jim Lee or Frank Miller drawing it, the art wouldn't have the same impact that it does.

I love this mad scientist guy a lot. He created Joe Clone to be superhuman and look how happy he looks at Joe's success! On the left, he and Canary are taking cover from shots. Canary is completely ignoring this guy, but he is just ecstatic over the success of Joe Clone in being an amazing warrior. I'm pretty sure it says there that he has a war crimes record, but you can't hate that guy. He just looks way too gleeful. And over on the right there, he is completely unconcerned with warships and stuff coming after them. He just gives himself completely over to a paternal pride in his creation. It's kind of sweetly charming.

Oracle has a surprising amount of suitors, and while I'm behind Nightwing, I kind of like Ted Kord as well. He's a nice guy and down to earth. It's like he has the best parts of Batman (his badassery without powers) and Spiderman (the wisecracking) but minus all the tiresome angst. I'm actually pretty surprised the Blue Beetle was never more popular, especially with amazing over the top villains like FIREFIST, THE INCENDIARY MAN! Anyway, look how cute these two are together, with their geekery. I love that he is laughing so hard at her obscure joke.

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