Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Teddy has now approached ramming speed."

I've never read anything with the Green Lantern, but after he was portrayed as such a dumbass in All-Star Batman, I really can't. I hate that Frank Miller is affecting me so much, but I will never be able to forget this image: Green Lantern, chilling, eating a hot dog as he's supposed to be vigilant, and soon to be completely pwned by Batman and a 12 year old in green diaper shorts.

This guy has tragically been hit with a case of amnesia, and now thinks that he is a chef in a high end restaurant.

The art for most of Kelly's run was fantastic. I mean, look at this. Could anyone else but Ed McGuinness (except maybe Pete Woods) be able to so effectively combine childhood whimsy with sinister malevolence? I highly recommend this issue (Deadpool #9) for its amazing goofiness, second only to the issue where Deadpool defeats Tasky by dancing.

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