Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awesome and Campy, My Two Favourite Things

I recently started reading the 80's run of Blue Beetle, and I'm quite enjoying it. Ted Kord is a wisecracker in the vein of Spiderman, only not as wangsty. And also, it's so much more campy than I expected. Case in point: I can't remember what the previous panel was, but this detective pistol whips someone who I think is part of an organization called the "Malevolent Madmen" (they will most definitely be covered later) and goes "guess again, PUNK! I'm the LAW! And you, AND YOUR TEETH, are BUSTED!" I have never heard of anyone ever saying anything like that ever, in the history of the universe, and yet I totally wish they would. Why can't life be more like a comic book? It would be awesome: you'd get badass detectives in trench coats pistol whipping perps left and right and saying stuff like, "I'm the LAW, punk" and you'd have spandex clad villains saying things like, "I am FIREFIST, the INCENDIARY MAN!" and then more spandex clad heroes riding in on a beetle shaped ship (more on that another time) and beating them up. I'm pretty sure I would never ever go inside if the world was like this.

Look at that display of badassery! You don't even need context, JUST LOOK AT IT. Deathstroke has a strip of bullets slung over his shoulder, and somehow he is holding a gun, and HE HAS A GORILLA ON HIS SHOULDERS. I can't take the awesome.

Also, and I just noticed this, is he holding the gorilla by his balls? That just seems like a dick move.


Look at that coat. The Colonel Sanders tie. His white gun holster. His jaunty white hat. And the eyepatch! And he's saying "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." I LOVE HIM.

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  1. okay, so next time there's a vote, I'm going to vote for the comic book world, haha.
    you totally swayed me, because, honestly, who doesn't love men in tights?
    it's funny and adorable all at the same time