Monday, July 12, 2010

Pull my finger

What I like a lot about Incredible Hercules is that they take stories from mythology and make the gods into real, accessible people and show how the myths affect the gods. For example, Hercules is slightly ashamed of Zeus's predilection for both incest and forced bestiality. And then there's this:

I'm not giving context for the floating brains. Side note: My other favourite Incredible Herc moment is when Hercules is fighting an evil version of himself in the underworld. It shows Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain and then one of the Hercs smashing into it. Sisyphus is like, "Yeah!" but then it reappears (with the sound effect "Sisypoof") and he's immediately sad. People think comics are for dumb people, but most of the time you have to be smart to understand what's going on. You won't be able to get half the jokes in Incredible Herc if you don't have some kind of understanding of the Greek myths.

Bees. My God.
I think this was from Jodi Picoult's run on Wonder Woman and I'll be honest...I wasn't expecting much. I still think she is the most RANDOM choice ever to write comic books. I actually really liked it! Surprisingly, I'm enjoying it slightly more than Gail Simone's run (BUT I STILL LOVE YOU GAIL)(Also I'm not that many issues in). I feel like she wrote Nemesis really out of character, but he was so much fun that I didn't really care.

This might be my favourite Spider-Man joke ever. I still laugh when I see it:

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