Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Don't think I like my Bucky so sassy."

Look how cute those two are! Batman's smiling.

I've never really had any thoughts at all about Bucky, but that changed after this. LOOK HOW AWESOME HE IS. Young Avengers just makes everyone awesome. Bucky, Hawkeye, Jessica Jones (who was already pretty cool, but she got awesomer when she kicked Kang. While she was pregnant).

I'm really confused as to what Norman Osborne's hair is actually supposed to look like. We all know what it looks like in the comics pages, but what is the real life equivalent? Is it really striated like that? I suspect it's just supposed to look like he has a lot of Brylcreem in it, but really, who knows.
Side note: I accidentally wrote "Norma Osborne" and then got scared that he was going to come after me for questioning his manhood. (Reminds me of a Lobo comic I read where this dude called Lobo "Miss Lobo" and he freaked out, saying "NO ONE QUESTIONS THE GENDER OF THE MAIN MAN!")

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