Saturday, July 3, 2010

I don't even really like Wolverine that much

You guys, I just realized that we got Teletoon Retro and I was bored so I watched Superfriends.

It's pretty much the best show ever. In the episode that I watched, three of Superman's villains escape from the Phantom Zone and then proceed to trap the Superfriends in the Phantom Zone in their quest to get revenge on Superman. Here are the highlights:

-Robin's dialogue, which is 99% "Holy ________, Batman!" Also, his shorts.
-The fact that Wonder Woman has an invisible plane, only it doesn't make her invisible so on clear days you can see Wonder Woman zooming around in a sitting position.
-Aquaman's presence, because he does nothing of note.
-A giant octopus thing that attacks the Superfriends in the Phantom Zone, only they just...kind of stand there.
-The Supermobile, which uses giant arms to pick stuff up.
-Superman's random powers, that I don't think are actually canon.
-The music. I'm not even being sarcastic! It's actually really good.
-The villains' plan to sink Australia into the sea, which just consists of them flying up and then crashing into the earth.
-The Wonder Twins' random presence. When the rest of the Superfriends go out, they basically just kind of watch everything. Also, the Superfriends consist of the biggest heroes (and sidekick) in the DCU, and yet...why are the Wonder Twins even there?
-The Wonder Twins' plans to save the heroes. Basically, it is this. Jayna goes, "Form of...Wonder Horse!" and Zan goes, "Form saddle!" and then they fly to where the villains are. Zan goes, "Form of...liquid nitrogen!" and just spits a bunch of liquid nitrogen at the villains, who get frozen in ice. Jayna is so happy she licks her brother's face, which melts the ice block instantly. It's all very scientific.

I also watched Spider-Man. I don't remember much, except there's a villain who laughs really weird, and the line, "We have to blot Blotto before he blots us!" Oh, and my favourite part. The villain can make people freeze (or something, wasn't really paying attention) so Spider-Man pretends to be frozen. While the villain is gloating, Spidey punches him right in the face. It's genuinely awesome.

I read this book and FYI, it totally romanticizes running away. This kid randomly decides to live in the mountains. If I recall, he has no trouble surviving and his family just...lets him live in the wilderness.

Luke demonstrates the best way to deal with criminals.
Side note: God knows I didn't like his yellow shirt and tiara, but now that he decides to not wear a costume, I have no idea who he is whenever he shows up. He was in Runaways, and I'm like, "WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?" They don't need to give him a costume or anything, but if he always wore a wife beater or something, it would be a lot easier.

Even Tony knows that Wolverine is way too ubiquitous for his own good.

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