Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wonder if Grodd visited the CN tower...but he would probably break through the glass floor

You would not believe my excitement when I saw that Grodd was visiting Toronto! Not only is he going to Canada, b
ut he's going to my adopted homeland! When I read this, I was like, "Does...does that mean Wonder Woman and
Nemesis are going to Canada?"

You bet it does, chums! There really need to be more Canadian superheroes. Yes, there is Alpha Flight, but who's even heard of them? Yes, there is Wolverine except he lives in
New York. And I guess there's kinda sorta Deadpool, but he's, you know, not really a hero. And we need one living and working in the cities of Canada. I mean, we know that there's a secret cell of the Society living in Toronto AND we know that Grodd has been there. WHO WILL PROTECT US?

Speaking of Wonder Woman (with bonus Barda):

I loved how Michael Turner drew women in Superman/Batman. Diana and Barda are both so pretty here! I think it has something to do with how he drew the eyes, but I can't really define it. They also have cute little button noses. I really liked Superman/Batman until Jeph Loeb left and then it started making zero sense. I'm still reading it because I think it gets better, but it's slow going. It's as bad as when I was reading Christopher Priest's run on Deadpool and NOTHING made sense.

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