Sunday, July 11, 2010

Batman/Wonder Woman...OTP?

So here's something I've been wanting to talk about for awhile: Batman/Wonder Woman shipping! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who can carry a conversation about shipping except my bro, and he's not really the shipping kind of guy. So I'll just write about it in my blog.

To me, Batman/Catwoman are OTP (and it's pretty much canon now, if I recall) but there's just something about these two that makes me love them together. Maybe it's how they are romantic and kickass on the same page, or maybe it's how they are sometimes hilariously awkward and sweet. Who else but an Amazon could handle Batman? Bruce very rarely smiles...but he seems to always smile when he's talking to Diana. Even though they will probably never end up together, there's just something that seems right about the pair.

I recently watched an episode of the Spider-Man cartoon from the 60s that featured a violinist who could blow things up from his violin. I pretty much freaked out when I was reading Secret Six and found this guy. He is called the fiddler and he wreaks havoc with his violin. What are the odds that TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE could come up with the same concept of a violin that BLOWS SHIT UP?

When I pick comics, I tend to read Marvel exclusively, then switch to DC, then back. I almost never read a mixture. So when I switch to a different universe, it always takes awhile for my mind to catch up. Like sometimes I'll be like, "Is that Bucky?" or something and then I'll realize I'm reading a DC comic. Anyway, I was so excited when I saw this because I thought that was Conner Kent and I pretty much love him. Then I remembered that I was reading Marvel and that was Ares. How can I make that mistake? They are in no way alike. I think I just got confused because Ares didn't have his helmet.

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