Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comic Themed Dreams

Yes, double post today. Here's how much of a geek I am sometimes...I dreamed about both Lobo AND Dr. Doom last night! My Lobo dream made less sense, so I'll talk about it first:

For some reason I was underground and I had to get something, but Lobo was hired to stop me from doing whatever I had to do (that part's hazy). For some reason Gwyneth Paltrow was helping him. Then my sister (not my actual sister, just a fictional character who was my sister in my dream) and I were disguised as geishas and then I threw a fan at Lobo and it cut his throat (I guess I was some kind of geisha/Bullseye hybrid). So anyway, after that I was me and my sister was my sister and the geishas were separate people. It was confusing. After that I don't remember much except running, and there was a LOT of falling into holes (maybe this was the same universe as the ET video game). Then we had to team up with Lobo and we became friends. Then we got out from the underground labyrinth and Lobo was giving me piggyback rides and I wanted him to meet my mom.

In my Dr. Doom dream, I was back in Toronto and I was part of some kind of superhero team that included my brother. We were in a grocery store for some reason and someone informed me I got a call. In my dream, I remember thinking, "It's Dr. Doom, please let it be Dr. Doom" and it WAS and then I started fangirling, like, "YOU GUYS! I'M TALKING TO DR. DOOM!" He sounded exactly like the Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four cartoon. He informed me that he kidnapped a member of our team and we had to bring him this particular type of pear and then find our teammate. The pear was like a "Gardo" pear or something, and we couldn't find it. So we're searching the grocery store and I finally found one and we went to give it to Dr. Doom, except apparently I misheard him and he actually wanted a completely different kind of pear. So we're searching downtown Toronto for this pear and then we were in the desert and Doom was crawling towards me because he was dying of thirst and I gave him the Gardo pear and saved his life. He still didn't give us our teammate back though. Then I woke up.

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