Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleeper Agent Penguins

I read an article comparing Cable and Deadpool that said that Deadpool is a comical character who is at his best when he is being serious, and Cable is a serious character who is at his best when he's being funny. I was initially going to compare Batman to Cable but then realized that Batman is almost never funny. He is, however, at his best when he is helping others. When he helped Booster of his loss (again) of Ted, it was one of the highlights of Booster's series. And here, he has accused Huntress of betraying her friends but Oracle and Canary refuse to believe it. Huntress proves to Batman that she was helping them all along, and you can tell Bruce really really hates eating crow, but he knows that it will make Helena feel good to be complimented, and obliges her. He may look and act scary and intimidating, but deep down he's a good guy. Another heartwarming Batman moment:

He may sometimes treat them like crap, but he deeply cares about the Bat Family. Batman is almost always stoic, but it's in these little moments where he shines.

And on to lighter topics:

From Blue Beetle, I present the MANCHURIAN PENGUINS! Penguins as sleeper agents=one of the best ideas in comics in recent years, ever.

Lex is now president of the United States. A piece of Krypton is hurtling towards earth and he orders Superman and Batman to be kidnapped because he's blaming the meteor on them. He sends word that he's captured them, and Nightwing, Robin, Superboy, Huntress, and two other girls I don't know go to capture them.

Anyway, Nightwing, Robin, and Huntress sneak into a room and [I can't remember from the comic, but from this panel it looks like] Lex falls down from the ceiling (with the hilarious sound effect KRAKA-THOOM) to confront them and ask where Superman and Batman are.

I thought Lex was supposed to be the smart one. Obviously everyone thinks Superman and Batman are at the White House, or they wouldn't have come to rescue them. Great plan, Lex. You should just go back to stealing forty cakes.

That's as many as four tens.

And that's terrible.

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