Tuesday, May 18, 2010

But...I don't want to go into his pants...

In this panel, Superman is talking about awesome Lois has been through the appearance of his cousin from Krypton, even buying her clothes without meeting her.

Maybe you should have let Lana pick out the clothes.

You can't really ask anyone to describe Nextwave. It's beyond description. In his pitch, Warren Ellis said "Nextwave is not about character arcs and learning and morals and hugs. It is about cramming an insane movie into 44 pages at a time...it is most especially about things blowing up and people getting kicked."

It is also about a giant green lizard monster named Fin Fang Foom who wants to put you into his purple underpants.

I have no idea who this pimp is, but I think I kind of love him. If I recall, we never really find out. Either that or I was just too hypnotized by his outfit to pay attention to who he actually is. I love how both Jaime and the person he is beating up (?) are just so discombobulated by this guy. What's his power? THE POWER OF PIMP MAGIC?


  1. his name is the Phantom Stranger :)

  2. Lizard King is in reference to Jim Morrison. He always called himself the Lizard King. It's fitting for the character.