Sunday, May 23, 2010

Romance Is In The Air...

(Paraphrased) Huntress: We've all thought it, but we didn't act on it!

Canary kisses Batman because he saved the BoP girls, can't remember what from. I love how discombobulated Batman is. He can face dapper dudes on ostriches and crazy clowns and guys with freeze guns and a dude with a bisected face, but the only thing that can honestly surprise him is Canary laying one on him.

Guy is absolutely my favourite Green Lantern, and this is based solely on these panels, his appearances in Blue Beetle, and some other miscellaneous Scans Daily posts. And this is pretty much the most romantic thing I have ever seen in my life, especially since it's GUY. First of all, the first panel is an obvious homage to the famous picture of the soldier kissing a woman after the war ends (not the first time DC has done this...if I recall, Zinda kisses a dude like that in Birds of Prey). And the rest is just so Guy. "It's know, love of your life, love god, lizard king." Don't know what "lizard king" is supposed to mean, but this whole thing is just so GUY. It's romance, Gardner style. AND I LOVE IT.

And my favourite ever kiss in comics, EVER:

They're all fighting aliens when Brenda gets hit and Paco thinks she's dead. Traci comes by and is all "AWAKE" and then she disappears and Brenda wakes up and is all business, trying to get Milagro away. Paco, ignoring the carnage and destruction around them, is focused on Brenda. Because he thought she died and he realized how much he liked her. And then he kisses her. Paco just looks so...manly. I didn't have a crush on Paco before BUT I SURE DO NOW.

Best part: Milagro's disgruntled look. She's all, "Hello, remember me? Milagro? My mom told you to get me out of here? You can mack on each other later." And then Guy Gardner shows up and is awesome and Milagro is awesome and everything's AWESOME. Honestly, it is the best story arc I have EVER read.

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  1. Lizard King is in reference to Jim Morrison. He always called himself the Lizard King. It's fitting for the character.