Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slashy Fun

I've seen this panel a few times, and each time I, like everyone else, thought that for some reason Tony's arm was around Cap's waist. And my response was somewhere between "Really? Really?" and "Oh comics, don't ever change." But I'm now pretty sure that Cap's hand is on his hip and the juxtaposition of Tony and the hand is just very unfortunate. Even without the hand though, look how CLOSE Tony and Cap are. Tony's pressed right up against him. Even without the hand, this is still pretty slashy. I kind of like the respective expressions on their faces. Tony's all like "GRRRRRRARGH" and Cap's just kind of chillin'.

The first comics I ever read were Marvel, and then I went on a Marvel kick for awhile. Recently I started reading DC, and now I think I know more about DC characters than Marvel. Which is why when I saw these two Young Avengers (Iron Lad and Patriot) my first thoughts were "Atom! And Deathstroke!" Then I remembered that I was reading Marvel and I was sad that Deathstroke couldn't be in it, and then I realized that these two didn't look anything like Atom or Deathstroke.

This is a thing about me, but sometimes I just get obsessive about a certain character, even if I hadn't read anything about them. Nick Fury is one (I've only seen him in Cable/Deadpool, and that was very brief) and Slade is another one. I get excited when he shows up.

Well, that's enough Young Avengers.



  1. Hey, you did know that Deadpool started out as a parody of Deathstroke, right?

  2. I sure did. (Slade Wilson/Wade Wilson: WAY TO BE CREATIVE, LIEFELD) So maybe I like Deathstroke because I like Deadpool? Hmm.