Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I...I do not wish to see these things

OF COURSE Batman has the blueprints for Alcatraz at his fingertips. DUH.

Superman and Batman are in the bodies of Peej and Huntress. Superman/Peej just looks kind of confused and determined to figure out what's going on. Batman, meanwhile, looks PISSED and really really disgruntled that he's in the body of Helena. I can't remember who drew this but they perfectly captured what Batman would look like were he in the body of Huntress. You know what I mean? You can just TELL that's Batman in someone else's body.

Oh, how I love every single one of the characters in this panel. Canary is just kind of "oh, here we go" about the fact that Zinda has a crush on a gay man. She assumes Savant knows that Creote's gay for him, but I guess not if his look of obliviousness is any indication. Zinda is also oblivious to anything but her crush on Creote. Creote is overwhelmed and doesn't know how to handle a woman. Ahhhh, I love it.

Ed McGuinness is one of my favourite artists (and one of these days I'm making a top ten list) but even this is a little too much cheesecake for my tastes. Superman's arms are HUUUUUGE. I like Alfred's dubious look though.

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