Monday, May 24, 2010


Rob, Rob, Rob...why?

Look at how HARD Conner is flexing! He's clenching every single muscle in his body to it's maximum extent. His neck in particular creeps me out A LOT. It's just all sinew and UGH. And he's sporting the signature Liefeld teeth clench. You might remember that from when he drew Captain America in Deadpool and I featured it. This is an issue with lots of different artists and I knew Liefeld was one of them and I thought one page might be Liefeld's and then I saw this and was like, "nope, this is definitely Liefeld." It makes me sad that there are only three artists I can recognize immediately: Udon, Jim Lee, and Rob Liefeld.

Here's the rest of the page:

Batman's mouth is contorted weirdly. Speaking of contortion, HOLY CRAP FINGERS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. There is no way Tim's fingers can fan out like that. I just tried, it's impossible. And he's not the circus performer, why are his legs doing that? I would expect that from Dick (he's a showoff) but not from Tim.

Also, what do you mean where's the rest of Wonder Woman? I thought that's all we need to see.

Now because you probably need it...


And in Rafael Albuquerque's art. He's one of my favourites.


  1. About Tim's fingers: It's not very common, but it is in fact possible for some people to do that with their fingers. I know I can, and not only is it possible, it's not even painful or uncomfortable. I am well aware that most people can't, mostly due to cries of 'Ew, gross' whenever I do it, but it's certainly possible, and I think we'll have to assume Tim can do it.

  2. what comic is that? the one with Robin, batman & superboy?? what issue too if you please.