Thursday, April 1, 2010

Your Daily Dose of WTFery.

What in the hell is happening. Panel 1, we have Canary looking SOUL CRUSHINGLY DEPRESSED when presumably she is excited about feeding the birds. Panel 2, the normal skank-adjacent Helena is wearing a hat last seen on the Queen Mother. Panel 3, Babs has spontaneously gained about ten pounds. Panel 4, Canary is holding a pose that no human has ever held before. If you were pointing to your hot dog, is that the way you would do it? I just...I need to escape from this acid trip.

This isn't out of the ordinary in and of itself, but you would not believe how long I stared at those shoes. I thought Babs was wearing some kind of two-tone shoes that were pink on top and black on the bottom and they were HUGE for some reason, and then THAT led me to wonder where in the hell Nightwing's feet went. Then when I figured out that his feet were the black ones, I had to figure out what he was doing with his feet to make them look like that. More time than I like to admit was spent trying to figure out this picture.

Meanwhile, Barbara has lost any pigment in her eyes and is contemplating on how to take over the world. Her boobs have also grown to Betty proportions. Better watch out Babs: I hear those things will smother you in your sleep.

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