Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sasquatch is Canadian

You're making a Canadian superhero team, and you want one of the members to resemble something that is immediately recognizable as Canadian. Is it a beaver? Is it Ogopogo? Is it poutine? Nope, it's Sasquatch of course! I'm simultaneously amused and horrified by his chiselled abs and nipples. I love his hilariously mundane first name but I'm most amused by the fact that his last name is Langkowski, an Eastern European name. I'm actually quite surprised at how realistically Canadian Sasquatch actually is. I grew up in a small town where probably 90% of the inhabitants had recognizably Eastern European names, including me.

Also amusing: his expository thought bubbles.

Whenever I look at this picture all I can think of is Deadpool in The Hulk vs. Wolverine going, "STRIKE A POSE!"

When I first read this, I thought Huntress was saying "you have no contraception." I tried to imagine what situation would prompt her to say that. She's canonically kind of a whore, so maybe she hit on Savant and then was unspeakably angry when he didn't have a prophylactic. Or maybe she was so angry because he NEVER had any contraception and she didn't want to face the possibility of Savant passing on his psycho genes to any offspring.

And, shaking things up a bit, I present a screen shot from Wolverine and the X-Men:

I won't lie to you: I'm a little in love with Mojo. He's hideous, but how can you hate him when he looks so gleefully evil?

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