Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes

I wish I could explain to you guys how monumentally awesome the new Blue Beetle is. His name is Jaime Reyes and he's a 16 year old boy living in Texas. He is such a breath of fresh air in the DCU. Usually, Marvel has the corner on more grounded heroes, but Jaime Reyes told his friends and family immediately about his superhero status and relies on them all throughout his adventures. Jaime banters just as well as Spider-Man and the series is awesome, hilarious, and heartwarming by turn. Especially the recent end to the first story arc. Among the awesomeness, Jaime's parents and family fight aliens, his friend Brenda single-handedly takes on an alien, Guy Gardner shows up and is awesome like he always is, Jaime single-handedly takes out the aliens while naked, and Brenda's aunt (the local crime lord) comes in with the cavalry while trying to get Brenda to forgive her for not telling her about being a crime boss.

Also, Jaime's mom intimidates Guy Gardner. GUY GARDNER.

Best mom in comics.
Brenda: She's...she's...
Jaime's dad: The reason I never have to raise my voice.

All I can think of when I read this is when Deadpool was fighting Wolverine and Wolverine gives this whole big speech in a single leap and someone comments on it, and Dr. Bong goes, "Yes, we believe that is a mutant superpower."

Here's what I mean about Jaime being a breath of fresh air. He stays to apologize to law enforcement about destroying a town, and the question that is rarely brought up is addressed: who exactly pays to fix all the collateral damage when superheroes fight?

Also something that I just remembered is Jaime has said a few times that he doesn't know how to fight. Lots of superheroes become superheroes and then they're like the best martial artists ever. But Jaime's a teenager. Why would he know how to fight? Even in All-Star Batman, Dick Grayson (age 12) takes out Hal Jordan. Granted, he was weakened by the yellow, but still. If I become a superhero tomorrow I wouldn't know how to fight anything.

There's an exchange you never see.

Is this really the best time to be telling that story, Peacemaker?
It took me a second to realize that Zatanna's spell was "python in pants." WORST TRICK EVER.

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