Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skeets= Joining the ranks of the best secondary comics characters ever?

Where a lot of comics shine, I think, is their secondary characters. Even more so than other types of media, secondary characters in comics are exceptionally well-done. Like Bob from Cable/Deadpool, Al and Weasel from Deadpool, Lady Blackhawk and Catwoman from Birds of Prey, and now, Skeets from Booster Gold. He's a robot Booster stole from the future and he kind of reminds me of Mr. Butlertron from Clone High in his grasp of humour.

Here Skeets is fighting his evil counterpart. Usually Skeets is seen as sweet and somewhat childlike, but here, he's all, "Come get some."

Skeets is losing the battle until he hovers over the robot and drops some kind of brown sludge on him and then says this.

This as the bonus of being pretty heartwarming because Booster is getting his sister back (ALSO, I just noticed his FUCKED UP EYEBALL, which is FREAKING ME OUT) but apparently Skeets also changed his look and was just waiting for someone to notice.

Awww! Skeets is so sweet! Also it's really weirding me out to see Booster without his goggles.

Did Skeets drop into a shop and buy a beret? Did he have one in the event that they all went back to the 19th century to have lunch in front of the Eiffel Tower? Who knows? It's adorable!

Skeets is kind of vindictive. BUT I LOVE IT.

But Skeets doesn't get all the robot awesomeness. "I shall brag to all my robot friends!"

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