Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chickens are the devil's children

Getting the obvious dick joke over at the beginning...

I wonder whose schlong is bigger: his or Dr. Manhattan's?

And in the inappropriate laughter category...

I saw this and thought, "Hahahaha, Bart fell asleep when he's supposed to be guarding something!" and then I read the article underneath that, which was talking about Bart's death. Whoops. I still laughed though.

This made me squee with joy:

Jaime has to fight Ted's old enemies, and who do we see but...FIREFIST, THE INCENDIARY MAN! To jog your memory, here's the original, from the 1986 Blue Beetle run:

Best melodramatic villain ever.

Jaime's certainly correct in his facial expression. I have the same one whenever I'm forced to be within ten metres of chickens. I hate those damn things and I have ample reason to, but those are stories for another day.

I've never heard chickens go "kikiriki" before. Maybe "I'LLSEEYOUINHELLBITCHES", but never "kikiriki."

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  1. haha, love you comment on the pic when you thought the guy had fallen asleep but he had actually died.