Monday, April 12, 2010


This is really, really morbid, but I actually really like this cover. My love for camp is satisfied with "The blue and gold will finally be reunited...IN DEATH!" But the rest is just so awesomely creepy. Booster front and centre about to be hanged by his best friend, the grey colour, the creepy tree and moon, and the abomination that is zombie Ted. This is all capped off by the simulated blood spatter on "Blackest Night" which is, of course, a reference to the Green Lantern oath. It's just all so macabre but still fits in with the plotline of the comic.

Three of my favourite characters together, on one cover! I'm also about 73% sure that this is when they fought the Condiment King, so I just have a lot of love for this issue in general. Lots of the Chuck Dixon covers had this kind of faux-painted quality that I quite liked.

When Spidey and Deadpool are together, Spidey is usually just dumbfounded by everything Deadpool says or does so this cover does a great job of being emblematic of their relationship as a whole.

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