Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will you ride on my magic clamshell?

Cass does not question things.

I very much enjoy the phrase "*&^$( magic clamshell!" Because really, there's no way to make that NOT sound ridiculous.

I really liked the art in this Lobo mini. It's VERY reminiscent of Quentin Blake's work on the Roald Dahl books and I think really captures the horror/comedy of anything starring Lobo.

Tim has always been my favourite Robin. I never thought I would like Damian. From what I could gather, he seemed to be kind of a psycho. But then I read Steph's Batgirl series, and I LOVE him. He IS a psycho, but somehow that just makes him funnier. The above image cemented my affection for him. Steph is talking to a guy she likes, then he mentions the Omen fanboy watching her. Cut to this panel, which is so over the top evil, it's hysterical. Damian and Steph's interaction is like a bickering brother and sister, which I love. Coupled with Tim's dismal appearance in the series (he was so SRS BSNS GRRRRR), and I might have a new favourite Robin.

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